Compare the Pros and Cons of Trello and Asana

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More and more businesses or companies tend to optimize operational efficiency, so the latest project management software “competes” to launch and update.

Let’s learn the pros and cons of these two new and some of the best project management software today.

First of all, if you pay attention today, all the software on the market offers more effective solutions for businesses.

The main goal is that the project manager can save management time. Primarily this advantage is reflected in the operational phase of the project.

Participating employees also optimize work efficiency. Compared to traditional manual management methods, this software is a smarter choice if you use it right.

Let’s analyze the pros and cons of the two newest project activities management software.


Pros and Cons of Trello and Asana

Trello is one of the most popular software today.

This software works based on the Kanban method. This method gives you a visual tool. You can easily capture each job and its status.


An intuitive interface and easy-to-understand operation are Trello’s strengths. The software is displayed as an information panel.

Tasks correspond to each state, such as to do, in progress, or finish. Both managers and employees easily understand the work when viewing the general board.

Apart from that, Trello is an effective teamwork tool. Usually, managers create tags and assign tasks.

Members receive job information, time, and requests via this tag card.

During the implementation process, employees can change and update the relevant information. From there, managers and colleagues can monitor and provide support if needed.

Another plus point is that this software is free for unlimited users. Only when you need more features should you spend $9.99/person/month.


Trello focuses on routine tasks or small tasks. Therefore, keeping track of the strategic view or vision will be more difficult.

Trello does better in terms of business operations than general management.

For project teams with small members, under ten people, Trello works well.

However, as the number of users increases, the task becomes more and more difficult to manage. The admin feature will not work in this case.



It is a project management app with basic features like job tracking, time, and resources.

The form display in Asana is also quite diverse, from Kanban boards to To-do-lists.

Asana is software that fully meets the needs of managers who want to control the workload of a huge company.


Asana effectively supports exchange and teamwork among members.

This software includes creating tasks, assigning tasks, requests, commenting, etc.

In addition, this software can integrate with much other popular software such as Slack, Dropbox, etc. This feature makes the process of exchanging and sharing data more convenient.

Asanas allow managers to have an overall view of the project.

The Timeline feature allows you to keep track of the work overview of one or all projects.

Information from status and task to implementation progress is available in the software. From there, planning and monitoring status become more convenient.

In addition, this software also has decentralized features.

Administrators can choose privacy or publicity for each project or task. This feature increases the level of security when using the software.


Limited reporting features in the free version.

The project-by-project report in the free version will only see the number of tasks completed per total task. More in-depth information is only available on the paid version.

Also, the free version only allows a maximum of 15 users. At the same time, the upgrade for $ 9.99 / person/month is quite expensive.

Instead, paid features like reports, advanced search, or privacy come in handy.

Businesses need to consider their real needs before spending money on software.

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The final word

Above is a general evaluation and project management software summary for you to refer to + choose the right software for your business.

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