Creating Task Dependencies in Primavera P6

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The dependency of activities is several activities that running sequentially by paying attention to the start or finish time between one activity and the next.

There are several types of relationships (dependencies) contained in an activity:

Finish to Start

An activity is said to have a Finish to Start relationship if the Successor starts after the Predecessor has finished.

Finish to Finish

An activity has a Finish to Finish relationship if the Successor is completed simultaneously with the completion of the Predecessor.

Start to Start

An activity has a Start to Start relationship if the Successor starts at the same time as the Predecessor.

Start to Finish

An activity has a Start to Finish relationship if the Successor completes at the same time with the start of the Predecessor.

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How to determine Activities sequence?

Most of the relationships between activities are connected with the Finish to Start type of relationship. Although most of the activities are connected by FS, three other relations can be used to connect activities.

You can determine the type of dependency between activities by asking the following series of questions:

1. What does this activity need before it starts?

Determining predecessor activity will be easier when compared to determining successor activity. With identified predecessors and successors you will be able to determine how tasks should be linked.

2. Is the Start or Finish of the predecessor controlling the successors?

If the finish of the predecessor controls the successor, the relationship can be Finish to Start or Finish to Finish.

3. Does the predecessor control the start or finish of the successor?

If the answer to question 2 is “Finish” and the answer to question 3 is “Start” then the dependency type that can be used is Finish to Start (FS).

Adding Task Dependencies in Primavera

To add a relationship (dependency) to an activity, you can access the Activity details section via the menu:

View >> Show on Bottom >> Details.


In the details, click the Successor or Predecessor tab, or you can also access it via Relationships >> Successor or Predecessor.

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