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PrimaveraReader continues to offer new and valuable features for improving project team efficiency and product usability. Take a look at the features that make PrimaveraReader the best XER reader for Primavera P6 schedules.

Highlight Feature: Progress Update

Progress Updating Feature - PrimaveraReader

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Key features of PrimaveraReader include:

  • Activities

    Overview of the open project activities.

  • Resources

    View the resource structure and details.

  • WBS

    Work Breakdown Structure of the project.

  • Projects

    View of the Enterprise Project Structure.

  • Progress Update

    Send activity progress update to supervisor.

  • Assignments

    Resource allocation and cost info.

  • Auto filters

    Find and filter specified tasks.

  • Baselines

    Compare different project versions.

  • Roles

    View the roles assigned to resources.

  • OBS

    Organizational Breakdown Structure.

  • Details

    Detailed information for selections.

  • Trace Logic

    "Trace" through schedule activities.



Primavera Reader Custom Filters

Personalized Custom Views

Each user can personalize the project view by customizing the order and design of different project elements according the project specifics. Besides layouts, users can created custom Filters and Groups by applying single or multiple criteria.

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Trace Logic View

Trace Logic

The Trace Logic view can be utilized for detailed analysis as it presents selected segments of the project schedule visually. This view is combined with the Activity View, so that when particular activity is selected in the Activity view, the same activity will be in the focus in the bottom Trace Logic view and it shows predecessor and successor activities.

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Progress Update

Progress Update

Progress Update feature will provide team members with the ability to send activity and assignment progress feedback to their responsible superiors.

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Baselines View

Baselines view

The baselines functionality enables comparison of up to four updated versions of a project schedule. Users can get a detailed graphical presentation of the aspects that have been changed from the original schedule in the Gantt preview.

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Activities View

Activities view

Within the Activities tab, users can get a complete overview of the open project activities. This feature enables detailed graphical representation of the activities included in the project schedule.

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Resources View

Resources view

The resource tab shows a list of all resources needed to complete the projects included in the Enterprise Project Structure. Users can view the availability limits, unit prices and the calendar which defines their standard work time and non-work time for each resource.

Filtering options

Filtering options

Filtering and auto-filtering options allows preview of project data in one or more columns according to the cell contents. Users can view and navigate the display of data of interest from the activities in the project schedule, particularly if it is a large schedule.

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PrimaveraReader is available on the following platforms:


PrimaveraReader software for Windows OS

PrimaveraReader for Windows OS

PrimaveraReader for Windows

Purchase PrimaveraReader to open project schedules created with Oracle® Primavera P6

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PrimaveraReader xer viewer for Max OS

PrimaveraReader for Mac OS X

PrimaveraReader for Mac OS X

Get PrimaveraReader from the Mac app store to view project data from .xer or .xls project plans

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Primavera p6 reader for iOS

PrimaveraReader for iOS

PrimaveraReader for iOS

PrimaveraReader provides field team members with a complete preview of the project schedule

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