10 Free Certified Professional Online Courses on LinkedIn


Currently, professionals or fresh graduates mostly follow requests to take online or offline courses.

Apart from enhancing your knowledge, in the course, you are also guided by industry experts in practicing many skills online.

Therefore, LinkedIn has launched ten specialized courses with many basic skills that many young people are interested in, such as design, sales, and marketing. Let’s find out more about these ten courses in the explanation below.

Get to know LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is known as a social networking site dedicated to business.

This website allows registered users to quickly and professionally organize and remember their network of contacts.

From there, recruiters can easily find out information about the candidate.

In addition, LinkedIn users can promote themselves through their information. So everyone’s page is significant.

How was LinkedIn born?

LinkedIn was co-founded by Reid Hoffman, former Executive Vice President of Business and Enterprise Development for PayPal.

It started in May 2003 and now has more than 300 million members from 200 countries, representing 170 industries. According to Reid Hoffman, 27% of LinkedIn’s subscribers come from recruiters.

This is fertile ground for entrepreneurs and job seekers. LinkedIn is considered an online profile for you or can be likened to a CV with all the information about you for employers to read and learn.

Today, LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular all over the world and especially in US. You have to take advantage of LinkedIn’s opportunities to get quality work!

Create a profile on LinkedIn


Once connected with a candidate, Recruiters will see their profile frequently, so you need to complete a personal page that emphasizes your skills, strengths, or experience.

In addition, you will need to provide certificates or qualifications that you have achieved to prove your abilities.

LinkedIn is free to provide news data for members using only basic functions but remains very professional.

With a basic membership, you can only connect with people who have worked before, friends, or social connections. You can sign up for a premium plan to access LinkedIn’s data directory better.

Courses on today’s best professions are 100% free

For each course below, everyone must spend at least a few million, sometimes tens of millions, to register.

On LinkedIn, courses are certified internationally, with content compiled by experts.

So you can be sure of the quality of the course. Check out the study below so you don’t miss out on this free resource you’ll need.

Software developers

Learn skills from LinkedIn Learning, and Microsoft Learn to become a software developer.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from Microsoft to confirm industry skills and earnings such as networking, security, and deployment, CSS, SQL, HTML, Javascript, …

Click this link to enter the course

Sales representative

Whether you want to become a talented retailer or learn more about B2B, take this course to learn skills like negotiation, CRM, social media, B2B, and new business development.

Learn the concepts and hone the core skills of today’s sales marketplace to create authentic goals and plans.

Selling is an essential skill; you can find any sales-related job. You will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the course.

Click this link to enter the course

Project Management


LinkedIn Learning has management courses to help you become a talent manager. In this course, you will receive training in project management principles, essential training in Microsoft Project, and many other skills such as program management, project implementation, and process improvement.

For the project to run well, the manager is the first important factor that comes to mind; you will learn how to use proven project management techniques. By the end of the course, you will know to manage simple projects and, from there, more complex initiatives.

Click this link to enter the course

 IT Administrator

To be a proper IT administrator, you need to know security identification and configuration skills, Software: Windows Server, Active Directory.

System management, registration. And LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn will help you make that dream come true.

First, you need the CompTIA Networking certification and measure a network administrator’s basic understanding of networking components and concepts. This learning path covers the skills to become a certified Network administrator, including networking basics and techniques for how to manage a network.

Common exam topics are often covered by the CompTIA Network++ (N10-007) certification.

Click this link for the course

Customer service specialist

Skills such as listening to customer needs, building relationships with people around and researching customer satisfaction and experience, and data entry, CRM, and data analysis administration… will be included in the customer service specialist course.

You are energetic and communicative; try this course to make your customers feel heard and understood, thus developing more new and quality relationships and turning them into coworkers.

Click this link for the course.

Digital marketers

Do you like Marketing, especially Digital Marketing, and want to become an expert in this field?

Join LinkedIn Learning courses to hone your knowledge and skills such as Social media, content strategy, SEO, and marketing channels; Software: Google Analytics, Google Ads.

After the course, you can analyze and generate strategies with new perspectives to help grow your business on projects as an expert. Market analysis, content strategy, or SEO will help you through the principles of digital marketing.

Click this link for the course.

IT support/ helpdesk

You need to complete a roadmap: Troubleshooting, Deployment, Active Directory, computer hardware, Software: Microsoft Windows Server to pass CompTIA A+ certification.

And through this pathway, you will gain a wealth of knowledge that will give you confidence in the CompTIA A+ (220-1001 and 220-1002) exams.

This course covers in-depth knowledge of skills from the exam area to provide insight into the resources you can prepare for the exam.

Click here for the course

Data analyst

Using tools, also known as tools, to analyze data and help develop business insights and strategies is something that data analysts in every business typically do.

Skills in mathematics, working with tools, statistics, communication, data analysis, and visualization are in high demand.

Click this link for the course.

Financial analyst

If you want the most accurate financial analysis, risk management, accounting, data analysis, or analytical skills to become a financial analyst evaluating business economic data, join this course.

You will have the opportunity to be trained in the most basic skills, including understanding financial statements, working with economic data, and analytical skills from experts.

Click this link for the course.

Graphic designer

To become a visually-minded graphic designer in the industry, you must have the following skills: Design systems, layout, color; Software: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop.

Based on inspiring, informing, and transformational concepts with industry-leading tools, this course provides you with ways to build innovative, creative design projects and critical thinking skills.

Click here for the course.

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Connect with recruiters directly on LinkedIn

Not only a place for you to enjoy the right – complementary – cheap courses, but also the largest social network is connecting candidates and employers to date.

In an easy way, you can directly search and “Follow” the company you want to work for.

From there, you can better understand the company’s activities and receive notifications every time the company posts a new job vacancy.

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