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How to compare several updated versions of a project file?

By using the Baseline functionality you can compare up to four updated versions of a project file in PrimaveraReader™


After importing your Baselines into PrimaveraReader, in the Gantt chart, you can see the graphical presentation of the Baselines bars given right below the original activity bar so you can easily compare the schedule changes that have been made.


Legend of bars displayed in Gantt chart:

compare baselines


  • Light yellow bar shows the Project baseline
  • Orange bar shows the Primary baseline
  • Dark yellow bar shows the Secondary baseline
  • Purple bar shows the Tertiary baseline


To get the exact values of Baselines, in Activity table you should add the corresponding Baselines columns from Activity Table.



Note: If baseline column are empty, this means that that there is no change made on these activities from the original project. If in the Baseline project there are more activities than in the main project, these activities will not be shown in Gantt chart, science there is no activity in the main project to compare with.


Baselines in PrimaveraReader 3.0

How to compare several updated versions of project .xer files? This video shows how to use the  Baseline feature.

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