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How to create a new layout in PrimaveraReader?

Create a layout


You can easily create a new layout by copying a default layout or copying an imported layout in the

Manage Layouts view. Follow these directions, to create a new layout:

print preview

  1. From File Menu, click on the Layouts Submenu;
  2. Select the desired layout and click on the Copy Option.
  3. Rename the new, copied layout.
  4. Click on the OK button to finish creating the new layout


Layout name

Once the custom layout is created, return to the activity view. The next step is to apply the created layout and make some modification:

1. From the Layout drop-down menu in the Activity ribbon, select the layout that you have created it. Usually, the layout is located at the bottom of the list

apply layout

2. You can make customization in the layout by:

  • Add new columns;
  • Remove existing columns from the table;
  • Change the colors of the bars;
  • Add bar labels;
  • Apply specific filter;
  • Apply specific group;


Note: Adding or removing columns from the Activity table can be done using the Activity Table feature.

Customizing the Gantt chart can be done using the Bars feature, from the Format ribbon. The dialog where these customization can be done is presented on the image below.

create layout


Create Custom Layouts in PrimaveraReader

You are now able to customize the order and design of your project elements to suit your different project environment needs.

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