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How to insert Progress Update in PrimaveraReader?

Overview of Progress Update


Users can insert proposal for updates in the following views:

  • Activities;
  • Assignments.

When entering in “Progress update” mode in one of the mentioned views, several columns from that particular view will be available for updating. These fields are:

  • For Activities: % Complete, Actual Start, Actual Finish, Activity Status, Remaining Duration and Activity Codes.
  • For Assignments: % Units, Actual Start and Actual Finish.


Which fields will be available for inserting update, depends from the working habits and the workflows that exist in the company. Usually, project scheduler defines which fields will be available for updates. The proposals for the updated activities or assignments are saved in .XLS file. This .XLS file is placed in newly created folder with the same name as the project plan and located on same position as the .XER file.

Inserting Progress Update


Starting the “Progress Update” mode is very easy and requires three steps:

  1. Open the project file (.xer file) in which you want to insert proposal for updates;
  2. Select the Activities view;
  3. In the Progress Update ribbon, click on the Progress Update Mode.


The Activity table will be slightly changed and you will see some of the fields are framed with tiny black line, as it is presented in the image below. These are fields for updating.

collaboration progress update

Next steps are for inserting the updates.

  1. Double click on the Activity Status cell;
  2. Drop-down list will be opened, as on the image below. Select “In progress” if you are working on the activity or “Completed” if the activity is finished.progress update second step

  3. Insert value in the % Complete column

    progress update second step

  4. Save the new progress updates

What to expect when working with Progress Update

What to expect when updating Actual Start and Actual Finish


The Actual Start field shall always be enabled when working with Progress Update. When you set the Actual Start, the Activity status "Not Started" is automatically changed to "In Progress" status.

When the activity status is "Completed", the Actual Start can only have a date value lower or equal as the date value for Actual Finish. The Actual Finish field will always be enabled when working with Progress Update.

When you choose a date for the Actual Finish of the activity, the activity changes "In Progress" status into "Completed" status. When you update the Actual Finish date, the status of the activity from "Not Started" changes to "Completed".

What to expect when changing Activity Status


 When you change the activity status from "Not Started" to "In Progress", the Actual Start inherits the value for the Start Date. When you change the activity status from "Not Started" to "Completed", the Actual Start field inherits the value for the Start Date and the Actual Finish inherits the value from the Finish Date.

When you change the activity status from "Completed" to "In Progress", the value for the Actual Finish is deleted. When you change the activity status from "In Progress" to "Completed" the Actual Finish field inherits the same date as the Finish date.

What to expect when updating Remaining Duration or % Complete When it comes to updating the Remaining Duration field, it cannot be changed for Completed Activities.

The Remaining Duration and % Complete values are not changed automatically when one of the previously mentioned fields are updated.

This is left to Primavera P6 because it only applies its own calculations for these fields, when importing the XLS/XLSX files. The % Complete field cannot be updated or changed for activities with status set as "Not Started" or "Completed".

If you want to manually change the values for the Remaining duration and the % Complete than you can only do it to one field.

Progress update

Progress Update with PrimaveraReader

The Progress Update feature allows team members propose Activity and Assignment status feedback.

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