How to Add Resources in Primavera P6

Resources is required to run the Project.

When we include resources in Project Schedule, we will get the total project budget, a monthly plan for resource use (in cost or man-days format), as well as an S-Curve graph during the Project.

You can control project costs and performance with the Earned Value method if you include resources in your Project Schedule using Primavera.

Resources in the Project consist of Labor, Equipment, or Materials.

How to Add Reources in Primavera

To add resources, you can do the following: Once you’re on the main page at Primavera, access Enterprise -> Resources.


On the Resources page, to add resources, click the Add button.


After you click the Add button, a Resource Wizard window will appear, where you can enter data step-by-step.


You can also fill in data in the Resource details section at the bottom of the Resources page.


When adding and filling in Resource data, there are several key data that you need to pay attention to:

  • Resource ID: This is the resource ID that you need to fill in
  • Resource Name: This can be filled with the name of the team, individual, equipment or materials.
  • Resources Type: Labor, Nonlabor, Material
  • Max Unit/Time: According to the maximum available resource capacity (usually per day).
  • Standard Rate: Resource cost per hour
  • Effective Date: When the Resource can start. Cost calculation begins according to the Effective Date.
  • Calendar: If your activity is Task Dependent type, then you can use the project calendar. If your resources have their own calendar, then choose according to the resources calendar. We recommend using a global calendar that matches the project calendar to make it easier to monitor.

Assign the Resource to Activities

After adding resources (Labor, Nonlabor, or Material) on the Resources page to use them, you need to add certain activities on the Activities page.

The method is as follows: Before adding Resources, first, make sure you use the following format in User Preferences: Edit -> User Preferences… (see image below).


After that, click Close.

Then go to the activity page: Project -> Activities.

In the Details section, click the Resources tab. To add Resources, click Add Resource.


In the Budgeted Units/Time section, fill in according to the resource allocation plan per day, like in the example above.

By default, the Start and Finish date on the Resource will match the activity date. You can change it if needed. You can repeat the same procedure to add more resources to the activity.

As a note, it is important to have the knowledge about the configuration of the resources you are using at the project level or global level before you add resources.

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