How to Create a Project in Primavera P6

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Project is an activity that is temporary or has a specific duration (within a specified period) in which consists of a combination of resources such as human, material, equipment, and capital/costs to produce a unique product or service.


If you want to make a project on Primavera P6 some things you need to prepare are:

• Planned Start data.

• Calendar to use (specify the number of hours worked per day and the number of working days a week).

• The division of activities based on the delivery of work made in WBS and the duration of each activity.

• Relationships between activities.

• Resource: human, material, equipment, cost.

• Characteristics of projects related to how to determine performance when entering the actual phase.

The Steps on How to Create a Project

As a first step, to make a project on primavera, you can start by doing the following steps:

1. From the Menu Bar choose File, then select New, or you can also access the [+] icon on the Command Bar.

2. Click the [Button icon] then choose <Oregon Office Building> to select EPS. In my example, I already create EPS, named Oregon Office Building.

3. Click [EPS icon] to confirm the selection.

4. Click Next.

5. Enter Project ID <Oregon West>, Enter Project Name <Oregon Office Building West> then click Next.

6. For Planned Start: click to choose <12 Feb 2013 9:00 am> Leave the Must Finish By blank, then click Next.

7. Choose the Responsible Manager and Click the optional Responsible Manager to accept the assigned Responsible Manager.

8. Click Next.

9. From the Options Bar choose Show on Bottom, select Project Details, click the Dates tab, verify that the Data Date field is set to <12 Feb 2013 9:00 am>.

Please pay attention to the following video to be clearer:

From the steps above, some items that might be your question:

Date Data

Responsible Manager

Date Data

In short, Data Date is the project update date. So Data Date is a date where the activities of a project are updated. At the beginning of the project or when making the baseline data date is the same as the date, a project is started.

Whereas when the project already has an actual value or is already running, the Data Date is the same as the Cut Off date.

Responsible Manager

Responsible Manager is data taken from the Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) at Primavera. So this OBS data has been defined before we create the project in Primavera.

Please also read how to create OBS and EPS.

That was the first step in creating a project on Primavera P6. Other steps, such as creating a calendar, determining calculations, will be explained separately.


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