How to Create WBS in Primavera P6

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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) can be interpreted as the delivery of a group of activities in one project.

In the implementation of project management, this WBS is usually the target of completion of a group of work that has a weight value (in percentage) associated with costs.

In making WBS rules that need to be considered are:

  • WBS Should be based on deliverables (not the work).
  • WBS and its elements should cover 100% of the scope, nothing less nothing more.

In primavera, WBS performance can be calculated by the Earned Value method, which will be discussed separately (when talking about costs or resources).

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On this occasion, we will create a WBS based on the workgroup structure created on a construction project with the division of workgroups as follows:


Here are the first steps to make WBS at Primavera:

  1. Make sure you have opened one of the projects that WBS will create.
  2. From the Main Menu or the Directory Bar click WBS:
  3. From the Command Bar click the [button icon] to add the WBS element
  4. By default WBS Code is given by Primavera in sequence; therefore the first WBS element is Oregon West.1, then enter the WBS Name
  5. For Responsible Manager, click [button icon] to choose <SPV Structure>
  6. Click [Responsible Manager icon] to confirm the selection.
  7. Complete the WBS, as shown below.

8. To display the chart view, from the Tool Bar click Chart View.


 Please pay attention to the following video to be clearer:


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