How to Define Calendar in Primavera P6

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By default, the calendar at Primavera uses the type of calendar that does not include national and international holidays as we use (for example new year holidays, national independence day holidays, etc.).

In addition, the day and project work time also vary so that the calendar needs to be configured.

In Primavera, when creating a calendar, you will find the following options:


Global: This option allows the calendar to be used in all projects, activities, and resources.

Resource: This option allows calendars to be used for specific resources, usually used on the resources that are critical for project completion.

Project: This option allows calendars only to be used on specific projects, including their activities. To make it, you need to open at least one project on Primavera.

How do you define calendar on primavera?

Here are the steps:

Steps to define a calendar in the Primavera

Study Case:

JVC Enterprise will use a Project Calendar with Monday through Friday defined as workdays eight hours per day from 9:00 to 18:00. This Calendar will adopt the following holidays :

01 January 2013, 12 March 2013, 29 March 2013, 09 May 2013, 06 June 2013, 25 December 2013.

  • From the Menu Bar choose Enterprise, then select Calendar.
  • In the Global field, position cursor at <Corporate – Standard Full Time> and mark the calendar Default checkbox to use it as the default global calendar. Global Calendar is used in the summaries of the activities.
  • Click in the Project field.
  • From the Command Bar click Add [+].
  • In the Select Calendar To Copy From the window, position cursor at <Corporate – Standard Full Time>.
  • Click [+] to confirm the selection.
  • In the Calendar Name field, enter <Project 5-Days Calendar>.
  • From the Command Bar, click Modify…
  • Click in the Detailed work hours/day.
  • Click Workweek… to define workdays and working hours.
  • Position cursor on Monday then use shift+click to select Monday through Friday.
  • Position cursor at nonworking hours 0:00 – 08.00, then click Nonwork; 12.00 then click Nonwork; 18.00-23.00 then click Nonwork.
  • Position cursor at working hours 09.00-11.00, then click Work; 13.00-17.00, then click Work.
  • Click OK to complete.
  • Choose 01 January 2013 then click Nonwork.
  • Click [>] to scroll to other days of 2013 to define the remaining holidays. Then click OK to complete.
  • Click to return to Main Menu.
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