How to Define EPS and OBS in Primavera P6

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EPS and OBS are terms or items adopted from project management. What is the meaning of EPS and OBS, and how do you implement it in Primavera P6?

Here is my expalantion!


Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) is a group of projects that are categorized into certain groups. So in one EPS can consist of several projects.

The existence of EPS will make it easier for a person or team to organize a project schedule in Primavera P6.

In addition, the presence of EPS will also simplify the granting of project schedule access when Primavera data management must be carried out by the team in a database on the company’s server.

Besides, multiple levels of EPS enable the project to be managed separately while retaining the ability to roll up and summarize data to higher levels.

Case Study:

JVC enterprise programs include a diverse range of programs, including Family Residence, Office Building, ICT Infrastructure, System Development.


The program for the office building consists of two office buildings: Hogan Office Building Park and Oregon Office Building Park, each office building Park consist of two projects: Office Building East and Office Building West.

Steps to create EPS in Primavera P6

As the initial steps to create EPS, you can do:

1. From the Menu Bar, choose Enterprise then select Enterprise Project Structure.

2. From the Command Bar click Add [+].

3. Enter the EPS ID <JVC>, enter the EPS Name <JVC Enterprise>, and click in the Responsible Manager field then select <JVC PM Director – Irvan Amir>.

4. Complete the EPS, as shown below.


5. To display the chart view, click the Option Bar, then select Chart View.


Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) is an organization consisting of people involved in project management, starting from the Project Manager level to the supervisor level on a project.

In this OBS, Primavera shows information about people who are responsible for certain jobs that can be assigned from the WBS level to the project level.

If you work in a team (not stand alone), this OBS can also be assigned to user access, so that it can limit work to only the WBS level or specific project level.

Case Study:


JVC Enterprise is using Primavera to manage their projects. The Project Management Division consists of the following managers and supervisors.

Steps to Create OBS in Primavera P6

1. From the Menu Bar, choose Enterprise, then select OBS.

2. From the Command Bar click [+].

3. Click the General tab, in the OBS Name field, enter <JVC PM Director>, then in the OBS Description field enter <Irvan Amir>.

4. Complete the OBS, as shown below.


5. To display the chart view, click the Option Bar, then select Chart View.


6. To customize the chart box, from the Option Bar choose the Chart Box Template click Customize. Click Add to add the new field then select OBS Description in the name field as shown below.


7. Click Chart View to return to the OBS chart view.

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