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Discover the Benefits of Using PrimaveraReader for Your Construction & Engineering Projects

Primavera P6 Reader for Construction & Engineering project planning

Large engineering and construction projects are extremely challenging. It is very difficult to predict every accident, supply chain delay or economic downturn that may affect a project. 

So, having a solution that enables you to look into projects details, providing visibility and transparency across all projects while working in a familiar Primavera P6 environment, can ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

By using PrimaveraReader, engineering and construction organizations will enhance their efficiency with the standardized operations to export their projects as .XER, XML or .XSL files, as well as the provided visibility and accountability across projects and programs on an enterprise level.

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​Consistent overview for your team throughout the whole project lifecycle

Avoid overruns with project timelinesAvoid overruns with project timelines and costs.
Improve data visibilityImproved data visibility, working in a familiar Primavera P6 environment.
Improve coordination among the project teamImprove coordination among the project team.
Reduce project riskReduce project risk by providing a consistent view of project status.
Increase consistency for XER and XLS projectsIncrease consistency working with projects exported as .XER or .XLS.
Easy to use software solutionEasy-to-Use solution with no need for additional training costs.

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