Pros and Cons of Microsoft 365 for Your Project

Office 365, which name has now changed to Microsoft 365, is an application developed by Microsoft in which the program is created in a complete package for various needs.

Pros and Cons of Office 365

Microsoft 365 package consists of Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Access, and Publisher, all of which are intended to provide convenience for its users. Like other application programs, there are definitely advantages and disadvantages to Microsoft 365.

Unlike regular Microsoft Office, you have to buy the latest version, but Microsoft 365 features are always up to date. As a user, you can also save your work in the cloud or share it with other users.

Through Microsoft 365, all users can share with each other like social media, which makes your work easier.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 can indeed be said to be an enhanced Microsoft Office application because its features are always up to date. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft 365 doesn’t have its flaws. So here are the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft 365 that you should know.

Pros of Microsoft 365

As explained above, Microsoft 365 features are always up to date. In other words, the features will be updated automatically without paying any additional fees.

Apart from getting all the features of Microsoft 365, you can also save your work in the 1TB OneDrive cloud storage. Even 60 minutes of free Skype calls per month.

Because you get a bonus of 1TB of cloud storage, you can store data anytime and from anywhere more simply without having to carry a flash disk.

In full, Microsoft 365 not only can be accessed on 1 PC but many other devices because you can install Microsoft 365 on your macOS laptop, Windows laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Get full support from Microsoft 365, whether via chat, email, or phone.

Disadvantages of Microsoft 365

Because the features are complete, so you have to subscribe at a fee according to Microsoft’s terms. It can be monthly or annually, which is, of course, expensive.

To receive updates from Microsoft 365, of course, you must be connected via an internet network. You can update after paying a subscription fee.

Difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 2019

The difference between Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 2019 is in terms of price and system, but all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Microsoft 365 costs much cheaper than Office 2019, where the Office 2019 system is purchased with one payment.

With a price of USD 249.99 (Home & Business) for only one user, you can use Office 2019 forever without subscription fees.

That is the advantage of Office 2019 even though the first purchase has to be expensive.

Meanwhile, Microsoft 365 itself consists of Microsoft 365 home and personal; although they are both Office 365, there are differences where the difference between Office 365 Home and Personal is in terms of the license.

Microsoft 365 personal can only be used for one user, while Microsoft 365 home can be used for up to 6 users.

Microsoft 365 is indeed cheaper than Office 2019, but when using Microsoft 365, the payment system requires a subscription.

Microsoft 365 Subscription Fees

The monthly Microsoft 365 subscription costs around USD 8 – 10 or USD 96 – 120 per year. At this price, you’ll get all the benefits of Microsoft 365 in three different versions. Namely, Microsoft 365 Small Business Premium, Microsoft 365 ProPlus, and Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

This feature can be used on five different devices, such as PC or Mac. For the same subscription fee, you are free to use one or many devices.

Those are the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft 365 to help make your work easier.

Even though it is less expensive, you will be guaranteed to be satisfied because the features are complete and will automatically receive updates. In addition, you need an internet network to be able to access Microsoft 365 features.

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