Primavera Training in Jakarta for Best Project Performance

Maybe you have attended short training or a 2-3 day seminar. Have you ever needed help understanding the material being presented and often missed important information?

If you need clarification, of course, you will use the question and answer session. However, what if the training has finished and there is no opportunity to ask questions again, but something still needs to be noticed?

For example, a participant said he understood the material after completing three days of training at our site, even though he had attended training elsewhere before. In our opinion regarding this, training in other places may be of good quality, but there may be material that is missed to be delivered. Another factor is the possibility that participants need more focus or are distracted by other things, so a lot of material is missed.

How is Face-to-Face Primavera Training in Applicative Media?

Applicative Media utilizes a combination method of face-to-face training (3 days) containing fundamental and applied material that needs to be understood, access to e-course video material for 6 months, and being able to ask questions until you are proficient via WhatsApp, so you don’t need to worry about missing material like the incident above.

Training Targets

Pelatihan Primavera (P6)

This Primavera training for project management professionals aims to improve project planning and monitoring skills and support career advancement in project management using Oracle Primavera P6 features.

Therefore, Primavera Training is necessary to help you and your project team have the skills needed to manage projects effectively and collaborate with various users interested in the project.

Expected results

Primavera training is carried out step-by-step. Previously, fundamental matters related to Project Management will be presented, especially regarding planning and scheduling.

Training Data material uses EPC project case studies. You will be guided to create, analyze, and monitor the project schedule & budget (RAB).

The expected results are for participants to have the following abilities:

  • Create a master schedule and determine the critical path.
  • Establish the project calendar and understand the impact on the schedule.
  • Understand global configuration in Primavera as required.
  • Analyze schedule aspects such as critical path, duration, activity relationships, constraints, and float.
  • Convert S-Curve from Primavera P6 to Excel.
  • Prepare estimated project budget plans (RAB).
  • Analyze project performance using the Earned Value method.
  • Understand the use of the Financial Period Feature in Primavera.
  • Make monthly reports.
  • Export and import data and collaborate with other colleagues.
  • Etc.

Training Method

Training will be held in the form of an interactive workshop, which includes:

Theory Session: Explanation of basic concepts and main features of Primavera P6.

Case Study: Practical application through case studies to understand using Primavera P6 to manage projects in real conditions.

Practical Training: Participants will be allowed to apply the knowledge they have gained through practical training directly.

Discussion: Sharing experiences and understanding between participants to increase collaboration and mutual understanding.

Video Material: You can access video material that has been summarized according to face-to-face material from start to finish, accompanied by supporting quizzes. This video is not a video resulting from 3 days of face-to-face training but a video that we have prepared to summarize all the material for the needs of participants who want to repeat the material independently.

Facilities and Prices

Training Duration: 3 days.

Facilities: Modules (2 handouts and files), Certificates, Lunch, Snacks, Training Kit, Questions and answers via WhatsApp, Access to 6 months of video materials, on-site or in-house training place.

Normal Price: Rp. 3,950,000/participant.

Regular Price: Rp. 3,750,000/participant (minimum 4 people).

Online Training (via Zoom): Rp. 3,550,000/participant.

Discount applies to:

Students or fresh graduate: 10% discount from the normal price.

The minimum number of participants is 2 people, and the maximum capacity at our venue is limited to 8 people.

Organizing training at hotels is subject to an additional fee of IDR 500,000 per person with a minimum number of participants (6 people).

Training Place (*): Hotel 88 Blok M, Favehotel Melawai, etc.

*The hotel is still tentative.

Target participants:

Civil Engineers, Architectural Engineers, Building Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Project Managers, and all professionals who want to be proficient in project scheduling use Primavera.


Industry, construction, oil, gas, buildings, marine and energy, and others.

About Primavera Training Instructors

The instructor has experience as a Scheduler, Planner, and Project Control and practitioner in using Primavera P6 in various companies, including National Companies in the Oil and Gas sector, Multinational companies (fast trains – elevated and underground, stations), National Projects (overpass toll roads), etc. with more than 10 years in the field of planning using Primavera P6.

Trainers also have experience meeting project needs in multinational companies by analyzing and presenting project report data, monitoring project progress, analyzing delays (EoT), and helping to design acceleration solutions.

The instructor has a Bachelor of Engineering educational background from the Bandung Institute of Technology and has obtained certification from Oracle.

Come on, maximize your career with our quality Primavera Training! Three days face-to-face, 6 months of e-course video access, and direct assistance via WhatsApp until advanced.

Call us at 081282295963 or email at

Workshop location: West Cilandak, South Jakarta, 12430.

In-house training can be held in all regions of Indonesia (Bandung, Batam, Jogja, and others). Apart from Jakarta, other areas prioritize online services.

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