Videos and Webinars

Webinar Recording: Enhance your decision-making process with PrimaveraReader PRO

A recording of the live webinar covering the new features of PrimaveraReader 5.0 and the Reports and Dashboards features of the new PRO version.

Webinar Recording: How To Use PrimaveraReader

A recording of the live webinar dedicated to the features, use cases and benefit of using PrimaveraReader for viewing Primavera P6 schedules.

How to download and install PrimaveraReader

Follow these steps to download PrimaveraReader and safely install it on your personal computer.

How to work with the Resource Usage Profile View in PrimaveraReader

Analyze the cost and quantity usage for roles and resources, for a single project or multiple projects using Histograms and S-Curves. 

How to create and modify User-defined Filters in PrimaveraReader

By working with filters you can quickly access any information and focus on displaying only the most necessary project data in your views.

How to work with columns in Activity View

Users can add/ remove each column (e.g. add predecessors, Resources or any other filed from the plan that need to be seen) In addition, this video shows how to work with the bottom view following the same logic.


Stay on top of your Project Schedule With PrimaveraReader

Our first webinar of the series focuses on explaining the main users of PrimaveraReader and the benefits your company will experience from implementing it in its environment.

Introduction to PrimaveraReader

PrimaveraReader is XER, XLS and XML viewer for project schedules created with Oracle® Primavera P6, where users can view the plans without the need of additional license.

How to create Custom Graphical Reports in PrimaveraReader

Learn how to create Custom Graphical Report in PrimaveraReader PRO.

How to import XML files in PrimaveraReader

One of the new features with PrimaveraReader's latest release. Learn how to open project plans exported from Primavera P6 in XML file format.

How to import custom .plf layouts from Primavera P6 in PrimaveraReader

Custom .PLF layouts created in Oracle Primavera P6 can be imported in PrimaveraReader. This allows aligned working in the same Activity View among the whole company or project team.

Baselines in PrimaveraReader

How to compare several updated versions of project .xer files? This video covers the Baseline feature available starting from PrimaveraReader 3.0

How to create default Graphical Reports in PrimaveraReader

Learn how to create default Graphical Reports and modify them in PrimaveraReader PRO.

How to create User-defined Groups in PrimaveraReader

Group and organize your activities, depending on your project needs, by applying single or multiple grouping criteria.

How to format Gantt Chart bars and labels in PrimaveraReader

Changing the layout of the Gantt Chart bars and labels allows for simple and personalized view of the schedules and makes PrimaveraReader the best way to view the Primavera P6 XER plans.

How to open xer file with PrimaveraReader

Short video on how to open XER file exported from Oracle Primavera P6 using PrimaveraReader as standalone solution.

Progress Update with PrimaveraReader

The Progress Update feature lets team members propose Activity and Assignment status feedback.


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