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 XER Reader for Primavera P6 Schedules

PrimaveraReader is a cost-effective XER viewer for project schedules created with Oracle┬« Primavera P6, where users can view the plans without the need of additional license. The software replaces exporting plans and schedules in PDF to Project Managers, Team Leads and Stakeholders so they can get dynamic overview, advanced filtering and send progress update in a simple way.



Product Overview  

Key features and screenshots of the reader for XER files


Activity Insights

Activity View

The Activity view shows all open project activities. Activity Table left side, Gantt chart right and details view at the bottom.


Different Views

Assignment, Resource, OBS View

The Assignment, WBS, Resource, Projects, OBS and Roles Views show project schedule information about the related views.



Auto and custom filtering

Find and filter specific items to be displayed in table such as milestones, critical activities, in progress or completed activities.



Baselines View

Compare up to four updated versions of a project file with the Baselines functionality placed in the main File menu.


Progress Update

Progress Update

With the Progress Update functionality users can insert proposals for updates in the Activity and Assignments views.


Trace Logic View

Trace Logic View

For better understanding of the relationships between activities, users can visually preview the schedule trace logic in the Trace Logic View.


All Features

Benefits for Project Managers

Main reasons to choose PrimaveraReader and replace exporting schedules to PDF:

Primavera P6 Viewer Software

  • Overview of the project with personalized views and custom filtering.
  • Navigate through predecessors and successors.
  • Work with custom layouts imported from .plf file.
  • Baselines comparison from several Project Schedule versions.
  • Propose feedback for Progress updates on activities and assignments.


How can PrimaveraReader help in your role?

There are many different cases where PrimaveraReader can find a great use.


Advantages in Project Scheduling with Primavera P6 Reader Problem: Most of the Project Managers do not have Primavera P6 license and receive the schedules in PDF format. This is a rather old fashioned and static view, which limits their performance.

Solution: PrimaveraReader is a cost-effective tool, which highly improves the performance of the users while reducing project costs. In addition, it offers:
  • Interactive and dynamic view of the activity details with easy visualization in Gantt chart.
  • Import custom layouts and filters for alignment within the company environment.
  • Analyzing the relations between successor, predecessor including Trace Logic View.
  • Comparison of Baselines and easy tracking of changes from the previous plan version.
  • Send Progress Update for Actual Start/ Finish date and % complete.
Note: PrimaveraReader doesn't require training.
Advantages in Project Scheduling with Primavera P6 Reader Problem: Team Members are too many to own a full Primavera P6 license, as its complex and costly program that requires training. However, they often feel uncomfortable to constantly ask superiors for updates and screenshots of their specific tasks, assignments, costs and limits.

Solution: PrimaveraReader is a cost-effective solution which assists every employee in meeting deadlines and milestones without stalls and delays. In addition, it offers:
  • One click opening of the latest XER file from shared location with no loading time or import in DB.
  • Personalized view of relevant tasks and assignments and overview of predecessor and successor activities.
  • Decreased risk of unwanted changes inside the XER plan as it’s a read-only program with no integration or connection to DB.
  • Regular feedback to the Project Scheduler through the Progress Update feature.
Note: In addition, PrimaveraReader doesn’t require any integration, which makes it a perfect solution for onsite and offshore projects.
Advantages in Project Scheduling with Primavera P6 Reader Problem: Team leads make sure their team delivers all the agreed output and reach the milestones. If there is a delay or change in the actions, caused by miscommunication or delay by a predecessor, they find it hard to handle when viewing the schedule in PDF all the time.

Solution: PrimaveraReader is a cost-effective solution which that gives all the XER data without requesting different output end views from the planners. In addition, you can filter team costs, resources, allocations, as this software offers:
  • Greater control and insight into project schedule tasks and activities.
  • Clear overview of everyone’s tasks, assignments and resource availability.
  • Analysis the relations between predecessors and successors activates.
  • Effective communication with senior management regarding project deliverables.
  • Regular feedback to the Project Scheduler through the Progress Update feature.
Note: PrimaveraReader doesn't require any integration, which makes it a perfect solution for onsite and offshore projects.

Advantages for Project Schedulers 

Project schedulers will remain using Oracle Primavera P6 and immediately feel the benefits from everyone else using a viewer

  • Saves Time - don't have to create different screenshots for each team in PDF. 
  • Progress Update - receive progress update and accept/reject feedback with a single click. 
  • High Engagement - full overview of the task relations 
  • Full Alignment - users can import company's custom layouts in PLF format or choose how assignment data is displayed in their view.
  • Up-to-date resources - each user can make baseline comparison and see what the scheduler has changed from the previous plan.  

Advantages in Project Scheduling with Primavera P6 Reader

Platform Availability

It doesn't matter which device you are using – we've got you covered.

Primavera Reader Software for Windows

PrimaveraReader for Windows OS

PrimaveraReader for Windows

Current version available: Windows (4.3.4)

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Oracle Primavera Reader for Max OS X

PrimaveraReader for Mac OS X

PrimaveraReader for Mac OS X

Current version available: Mac (3.1.4)

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Project Scheduling on iOS with PrimaveraReader

PrimaveraReader for iOS

PrimaveraReader for iOS

Current version available: iOS (1.0.1)

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Our Clients

PrimaveraReader is applicable to all project oriented organizations, from small to large scale projects and portfolio oriented enterprise corporations.

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Transport for NSW
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