Ask Me (Services)

Hi, I offer professionally ask and answer all things about Primavera, Microsoft Project. You can ask me any questions you think need a quick answer (no more than 24 hours).

For every 1 question and answer to the question, you will be charged a fee starting from USD 10, which is paid after You get confirmation.

The fee amount depends on the difficulty level of the question and will be informed before I start answering.

How to ask:

  • Send a question to email:
  • Wait for confirmation (by email) whether I can answer your question or not and information about the fee (if I can).
  • You pay a fee for your question and answer via PayPal
  • After payment, I will send an answer by email in a Word file (with pictures if necessary) within 1×24 hours. 


  • If the answer is more than 24 hours, your money will be refunded.
  • The material you can ask is related to Primavera or Microsoft Project.