Compare Slack vs Monday vs Microsoft Teams vs Discord vs Chanty

Slack is an application used by many large and small companies to communicate and manage their work. Besides Slack, many other applications are also used. Do you know what the app is?

Let’s find out about similar apps like Slack and compare their features.

1. Team Slack vs Microsoft Teams

This is certainly not a foreign name, especially for students, students or teachers, because Teams is an application widely used during the pandemic to support teaching. Apart from schools, companies also use Microsoft applications quite a lot.

Compared to the number of users, Microsoft Teams is very popular among large companies, and beginners prefer Slack.

You should use Slack because:

  • Easy to use and train
  • Get shortcuts and tips to improve work efficiency
  • It supports more than 300 users in the free version
  • Able to integrate with many other applications
  • Get huge storage capacity in free level

On the other hand, Microsoft Teams is also a good investment choice because:

  • Integration with Office 365
  • Efficient search feature
  • Offers storage for a fee
  • There is an application for the phone
  • Ability to organize meetings, seminars
FeatureMicrosoft TeamsSlack
Channels (Teams)
Private Messages
No. of UsersUp to 500k with a free planUnlimited
Unlimited Messages
Comprehensive Message Search✔ (Up to 10,000 messages with free plan)
File Sharing
Guest AccessLimited to 5 per account, even for paid plansUnlimited collaboration with external users for paid plans
Screen Sharing✔ (Not included in free plan)
Video & Audio Calls (1-on-1)UnlimitedUnlimited
Video ConferencesUp to 250 users with paid plansUp to 15 users with paid plans
Web, Desktop & Mobile Apps
Shortcuts & Productivity Tools(40+ Shortcuts for Desktop App)(50+ Shortcuts for a desktop app with most available for the web app as well.)
Bots & Workflow Tools✔ Who Bot (Paid only) and Third-Party Chatbots✔ SlackBot
Integrations472 apps to choose fromUp to 10 for free plans, with 2,000+ apps to choose from

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2. Slack vs. Discord

Apart from Teams, Discord can also be seen as a tool that can replace Slack. Several companies also use Discord.

Both are chat apps with very similar interfaces. The most significant difference is probably the intended users of both parties.

  • Discord is where you chat with friends, and Slack is where you work.
  • Slack is primarily designed for teamwork and professional communities, while Discord is often used by groups of friends, like-minded people, or gamers.
  • Slack integrates with many apps to help you stay organized, but Discord doesn’t offer such functionality.
  • Slack offers enterprise solutions. Discord does not have enterprise solutions.
  • Slack has plans with different prices. The higher the plan, the more features. With Discord, you can add features if you use Discord Nitro.
PricingSlack FreeDiscord Free
 Slack Standard ($6.67 per person per month)Discord Nitro Classic ($4.99 per month or $49.99 per year)
 Slack Plus ($14 per person per month)Discord Nitro ($9.99 per month or $99.99 per year)
Text CommunicationYesYes
IntegrationsSupport for over 2,400 appsAllows users to add third-party bots
Integration Limits10 integrations on Slack FreeUnlimited
 Unlimited integrations on Slack Standard and Slack Plus 
Screen SharingYesYes
Storage Limit5 GB in Slack FreeUnlimited
 10 GB per user in Slack Standard and Slack Plus 
File Sharing1 GB at a time8 MB in Discord Free
  100 MB in Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Classic
Voice-only ChannelsYesYes
Voice Calls2 users per call on Slack Free15 users per call on Discord Free
 15 users per call on Slack Standard and Slack PlusUp to 5,000 users per call on Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Classic
Video Calls2 users per video on Slack Free25 users per call
 15 users per video on Slack Standard and Slack Plus 
Theme Options8 theme options2 theme options (light or dark), plus bot customizations
Message History10,000 messages in Slack FreeUnlimited messages
 Unlimited messages in Slack Standard and Slack Plus 
Mobile AppYesYes
Languages Supported828

3. Slack vs is a platform for project management. Even so, both Slack and Monday are geared towards increasing productivity.

The main differences between Slack and Monday are:

  • Slack is primarily for teams to interact and improve communication, while Monday is the complete project management platform.
  • Slack is used by various companies in various industries, while Monday is often used by companies that need a sophisticated project management system.
  • Slack is best for companies that need to improve their communication, and Monday is for companies that need a complete platform for communication and management.
  • Slack focuses on communication, offering many cool features like GIFs, but Monday doesn’t.
  • Slack offers a direct call tool in the app, and Monday provides communication and integration features such as integration with Zoom.

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4. Slack vs Chanty

Like Slack, Chanty is an enterprise communication tool helping people interact, connect, and work as a team.

However, Chanty’s most notable feature is that it uses artificial intelligence.

With AI algorithms, Chanty can analyze the user’s search history. As a result, the more users search, the more relevant the results the user will receive.

In addition, AI Chanty also provides suggestions for you to answer, helping you reduce response times and saving time for yourself and your co-workers.

Some similarities between Slack and Chanty are:

  • Same channel, thread, voice and video calls
  • It can be integrated with other applications
  • The interfaces of these two tools are very similar and easy to use

Both apps have increased work efficiency, Access Control, and Kanban board – how to manage work. Slack has features like Collaboration, Face-to-face or Surveys.

PricingFree (unlimited message history, 10 apps & integrations)Free (up to 10k messages, 10 apps & integrations)
 Business: $3 per user, per monthStandard: $6.67 per active user per month 
  Plus: $12.50 per active user per month
InterfaceClean, standard customizationClean, custom sidebar themes
Communication optionsSpecial places for group conversations – ChannelsSpecial places for group conversations – Channels
 Teambooks – for a more organized communication 
 You can choose among three levels of notificationsYou can set up notifications for specific channels and keywords
Search optionsBasic — you can search within a specific time frame, but you cannot further filter the searchAdvanced — allows you to search within a specific time frame.
  Search within documents
File sharing and storage optionsFree plan: 20GB file storage for a teamFree plan: 5GB file storage for a team
 Business plan: 20GB file storage per userStandard plan: 10GB per user
  Plus plan: 20GB per user
Integrations10 integrations limit in the free plan10 integrations limit in the free plan
 45 integrations in the paid plan2,400+ integrations in paid plans
SupportEmail/Help DeskEmail/Help Desk
 Knowledge Base ChatKnowledge Base Chat
 Dedicated support line in the paid planCustomer success teams in paid plans
SecurityStandard security Standard security 
 No self-hostingNo self-hosting

The primaverareader article above has summarized an app you can use as an alternative to Slack.

Compared to Slack, each app has its advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing which app to use or continue using Slack depends on your needs. Please make the correct choice.

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