33 Best Online Primavera P6 Training Today

In carrying out a project or business, of course, a sophisticated device is needed that can help the implementation of the project.

This is intended so that all project components can be managed properly, all scheduling and resources can be controlled, and most importantly, the creation of large-scale projects that have a target to move rapidly.

Therefore Oracle Primavera P6 is now very much needed for large Project activists, especially in today’s digital era.

Primavera P6 training is one of the steps you need to take if you want to start your career as a project scheduler or project controller.

Oracle itself as a provider company Primavera P6 currently has training materials for their clients.

Usually, these training materials provided coincides with product sales making it easier for clients to use their products optimally.

If your company has purchased a Primavera P6 product from an Oracle partner, maybe you have also received an offer for Primavera Fundamental training which consists of 2 packages, namely: 1. Planning and Controlling (2 days), 2. Resource Management (2 days).

In general, the following is the training material that I have participated in from an Oracle partner who is also the Primavera P6 application provider in my company:

Fundamental Primavera Training Materials

Package 1: Planning and Controlling (2 days training)

Introduction to Primavera

  • Starting Project Management
  • Welcome Screen
  • Opening an Existing Project
  • Activities View
  • Activity Network

Define OBS, EPS, Project, WBS, Calendar

  • Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Enterprose Project Structure (EPS)
  • Create new project
  • Define Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Define Calendar

Define Activities and Steps, Relationships

  • Define Activities and Steps
  • Define Relationships

Scheduling, Constraint, Shortening

  • Scheduling
  • Assign Constraints (project constraint, schedule shortening, activity constraint)

Scheduling Control

  • Esthablish Project Baseline Schedule
  • Update Schedule
  • Apply Actuals
  • Summarize Project
  • Thresholds
  • Issues

Preparing Layout and Report

  • Customizing Layouts
  • Customizing in Activity Table
  • Saving Layouts
  • Opening existing Layouts
  • Printing Layouts
  • Define Activity Codes
  • Assign Activity Codes
  • Group & Sort
  • Filter
  • Report
  • Create a Report Group
  • Create a Report
  • Modify Report

Package 2: Resources Management (2 days training)

Introducing to OBS, EPS, Project

  • Create Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Create Enterprose Project Structure (EPS)
  • Create New Project

Cost Account, Expenses

  • Define Cost Accounts
  • Define Expense

Roles and Resources

  • Define Roles
  • Define Resources
  • Resource Code (Define Resource, Assign Resource, Group and Sort)

Import Activities

Assign Roles, Resources, Cost Accounts


Analyze Resource Usage

Baseline Plans

  • Maintain Baseline
  • Assign Baseline

Resource Levelling

Updating Resource Usage

  • Define Financial Period
  • Updating Schedule, Apply Actual, Store Period Performance
  • Summarize Project
  • Past Period Actual

Earned Value Management

  • EVM Overview
  • Tracking Project Progress and Earned Value
  • Preparing s-curve, Earned Value Graph


Create a Report Group

  • Resource Loading vs Resource Actual Usage organized by Activity
  • Resources Loading vs Resources Actual Usage organized by WBS
  • Resources Loading vs Resources Actual Usage organized by Cost Account

Implementing Earned Value Management

Primavera Pre-request Training

If you are interested in participating in Primavera P6 training, there are some basic knowledge that you need to prepare to be able to participate in optimal training, namely:

  • Basic Project Management.
  • Basic Project Planning.
  • Project Scheduling Knowledge.
  • What is Critical Path and Critical Path Method.
  • Precedence Diagram Method (PDM).
  • Earn Value Management knowledge.

Target Audience

Primavera Training is training on how to use schedule management tools so that the project schedule can be appropriately planned, and the project can go according to plan. This training is more appropriate if it is participated by:

  • Project Controller
  • Scheduler
  • Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Cost Controller
  • Project Risk Engineer
  • etc.

Also read how to download Oracle Primavera P6.

Online Primavera Training Providers

The work training system from Oracle Primavera P6 can be conducted online. So whoever and wherever you can follow this training. You just need to be focused, patient, dedicated, and willing to manage the time to take this training. Here are the training providers of Primavera P6 that you can participate in.

Plan Academy

Plan Academy Primavera Training

Plan Academy is one of the communities that has professional members with expertise in using Primavera P6. They open Primavera P6 training either online with e-books, webinars, or online video courses. Also, some do it independently as a form of direct training.

The video courses on Primavera P6 that are presented here have different topics, depending on your desired ability improvement needs.

Among them are studying the introduction to the Primavera P6 Professional; Scheduling methods, resource and cost management, critical activity codes, project baselines, and updating of progress in Primavera P6; Advanced P6 Reporting in Excel; until how to start the Primavera P6 EPPM.

The training from Plan Academy only lasts 1 – 5 hours; however, a trial version of the Primavera P6 is provided, which is to review the results of the members’ workshops and see their responses.

This training can be attended individually or with the whole team and will get a training certificate at the end of the activity.

Ten Six Consulting

Ten Six Primavera Training

Next is Ten Six Consulting, this training will be guided by a professional instructor who has years of experience. Each user will provide support via email and answer any questions you give 24 hours a week.

Ten Six’s online training offers three special classes to improve your ability to use Primavera P6, including the Primavera P6 Professional basic, best practice Primavera P6 for scheduling, and determine advanced Primavera P6 topics.

Every participant will get some quiz, tutorials video, and training with a professional tutor. In the last of training, you’ll get a certificate.

Innovative Management Solution (IMS)

Innovative Primavera Training

Innovative Management Solution (IMS) is Primavera P6’s platinum oracle partner that provides service, training, and resale. The community is also Oracle’s workforce development partner.

The training class will discuss Oracle Primavera P6, risk analysis, to contract management. They also teach related scheduling theory courses for public, private, virtual, and Self-paced.

What distinguishes this community is that from the instructors, all instructors are PMP certified, certified P6 implementation specialists, and already have a lot of experience in controlling a project.

These IMS instructors have trained more than 10,000 professionals at Oracle Primavera P6. So, if you want to have an Oracle Primavera P6 training certificate, choose training from this IMS community.


Taradigm Primavera Training

Taradigm is an Oracle Gold Partner that specializes in CPM scheduling and training for Primavera P6. Taradigm now offers an online self-paced, hands-on Primavera P6 Professional Basics course based on their live virtual class.

The course is organized into a series of lessons, hands-on exercises, and a final exam. Hands-on exercises allow students to experience Primavera P6 in their browser without having to install P6 or have access to a virtual desktop.

Upon completion and passing of the exam, students are given a certificate of completion. Taradigm’s Primavera P6 Professional Basics course is $299 for 60 days of access. A sample lesson and exercise is available here.

Project Control Academy

Project Control Primavera Training

Project Control Academy is a company that can also help you increase your knowledge and skills to control a project, namely through main training, resources, and guidance from professional experts in project control.

Project Control Academy opens five types of online courses, including Project Controls Career Roadmap, Applied Project Controls, Essentials of Earned Value Management, Mastering Earned Value Management (EVM) for Project Success, and Project Scheduling Blueprint.

This training is classified into 6-19 training modules and will be realized within 3 – 7 weeks. Thus, you will slowly understand the Primavera P6 concept and its project scheduling applications.

After the course is complete, you will also still be facilitated access to consultation for 24 hours / 7 weeks in 12 months through “Ask The Instructor Anything Forum” and get an official certificate of project completion and PDU.

P6 Consulting, Inc.

P6 Consulting Primavera Training

It is a company that will also provide virtual training from professional experts who master the Primavera P6. In the course, each customer can communicate with other customers on one screen.

This online class requires each customer to be able to attend the meeting according to a predetermined time and duration, which is 1 – 3 days.

P6 Consulting Inc. also provides a free guidebook for beginners who want to learn about the basics of the Primavera P6 EPPM and official certificates for those who have completed their training.

P6 Consulting Inc will provide dental instructions on how to install Primavera and will carry out a 30-day trial. Topics in this course include CPM101 & CPM102 Project Management Basics in Primavera P6, for participants who have Knowledge of Project Management processes and principles and basic Microsoft Windows computer skills, as well as CPM106 Advanced Tools from Primavera P6 Software and CPM106A Functional Administration for Primavera P6 (EPPM or PPM) after CPM101 and/or CPM102 competitions.

Planning Engineer Est.

Planning Engineer Est. is a specialized company for project management and training services. The company offers training for you and starting from the beginner until becoming a professional.

In training, you will be given 50 powerful tips and tricks to become a Primavera P6 professional, do advanced planning, schedule risk analysis, and become a construction engineer or manager.

Those of you who take part in the training will get a gold package with access to 7 types of training topics and five tools in excel form. Training from Planning Engineer Est. It lasts 6 – 35 hours.

Multisoft Virtual Academy

Multisoft Virtual Academy Primavera Training

Next up is Multisoft Virtual Academy, this company offers online training which will also be trained by professionally certified trainers.

There are three types of training in this company, including Primavera Analytics Training, Primavera P6 Online Certification Training, and Primavera Advanced Training.

This training will be offered from 18 until 21 hours; you can send a request too for training on weekends.

Oracle University

Oracle Primavera Training

Oracle University also offers training accompanied by highly skilled instructors. This training will be divided based on product areas, namely Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Primavera Unifier Training.

In 1 training session, the duration ranges from 2 – 3 days with full project cycle guidance from doing any planning until doing an implementation.

Oracle university presents several topics that will be discussed in training, such as how to organize advanced resources, determine project management topics in P6, add activities, assign resources, and create baselines, plan, schedule, create reports, and develop a dashboard.

Apart from that, you will also get a free Primavera manual, which contains all the technical descriptions of how this software works. This way, you can get directly involved with specific case studies that apply the work of Primavera P6 to the real world.


Milestone Primavera Training

Milestone is one of the Oracle Platinum Primavera P6 partners who open courses according to customer requests, both for beginners to advanced levels.

Topics that will be discussed include administration of Primavera P6, project management at P6, Resource management, portfolio management, advanced project management, access management, designer and reports, configuration management, and basic dashboards. This training will occur from 1 to 4 days.

Global PM

Global Primavera Training

Next is Global PM, a company that will also provide official certification of Primavera P6 software for those of you who have completed a 2 – 3 day training period. 

The trainers from Global PM are instructors who also have Oracle certificates, and have more than 21 years of experience. This course does not require any other software; you only need to access it via the internet.

Projects Analytics Inc.

Projects Analytics Primavera Training

Projects analytics inc, also offers a training process to become an expert who can implement the training results. Customers will learn virtually (online) and will be led in person by professional instructors who are Oracle certified. 

You also don’t need to install software on your PC. The duration of this training lasts for 2 -3 days, with topics starting from beginners of primavera P6 to advanced topics. 


SImplex Primavera Training

Simplex is one of the training services that has also provided consulting services related to Primavera P6 software since 1984. This training is conducted independently by professional trainers who will introduce specific knowledge and skills about Primavera P6. 

They have a special manual according to your needs, such as for users of the Primavera P6 PPM or P6 EPPM and this training will last for 12 hours to 4 days with a certificate awarding at the end of the training. 

Summit Training

Summit Primavera Training

Summit training also provides Oracle-certified Primavera P6 device training. The Summit training will provide you with experienced and certified trainers, after 2 – 3 days of training. 

In Summit Training, you can learn Professional Advanced Course P6, Oracle BI Publisher Training for P6, Primavera P6 Managing Resources, Primavera Unifier, topics ranging from Professional Foundation Course P6, Managing Risk in Primavera Risk Analysis. 

Besides that, you can also learn some scheduling concepts, other knowledge about Primavera P6, advanced Primavera, and basic management about Primavera.


Mind Majix Primavera Training

MindMajix is a training course that also teaches you how to use Oracle Primavera P6 to make and setting some projects, portfolios, and programs on your business. 

This training with MindMajix facilitates you to get tutorials via a video, direct online learning from professional experts, and full consulting guidance 24/7. 

This training covers all Primavera P6 topics and will increase your efficiency in applying all Primavera P6 components. The training duration is 30 hours, with a certificate of completion at the end of the training. 

CDP Inc.

CDP Primavera Training

Next up is CDP Inc. which is Oracle’s gold partner with virtual based training? Here will discuss the basics of project management in Primavera P6 and advanced project management in P6. 

There are more than 74 learning videos that you can watch to help broaden your insight regarding Primavera P6, from basic to advanced. The course duration is 7.5 hours, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is scheduled every three months.

Now to become an expert in controlling projects, you have to put in the time and be willing to seek extensive knowledge beyond just studying the Primavera P6. You also have to put aside the differences in education in project management, so that you can become a more developed person in the future. 

World Wiznic

World Wiznic Primavera Training

World Wiznic also offers intensive training to learn the Primavera PPM or EPPM. In this training, you can learn basic to advanced techniques. 

Dunia Wiznic will also present a special coach who is reliable in applying the Primavera P6 to his project management principles. The duration of this training lasts 10 – 40 hours.

MMTI (Madras Management Training Institute)

MMTC Primavera Training

MMTI is a training institution that provides courses on basic and advanced introduction. This training is a purpose to be able to plan, schedule, control individual programs or large-scale programs, balance resource capacity, allocate the best resources, to track progress. This course will last for three full days until the customer gets an expert certificate and meets the eligibility criteria.


Next is Educba, this company also opens 10 types of Primavera P6 courses ranging from beginner, intermediate to advanced levels, including how to manage projects with P6, learn project code and development activities, budgeting and adjustments, reporting and graphics, P6 professional training, conduct review of results, Primavera products and features, program management and hands-on practice. This training lasts for 20 minutes to 9 hours.  


Udemy Training

Udemy also opened basic training on Primavera P6 with topics such as project management with Primavera, risk analysis, and advanced industry-based training. 

This training does not require any other software; you only need to master the basic knowledge related to Primavera P6 project management version 8.3. 

The duration of this training lasts 1 – 5 hours with a certificate of completeness at the end of the training.

CEM Solution

CEM Solutions Training

CEM Solution offers training for approximately five years on the Primavera P6 project in the real world in full.

The goal is for customers to gain knowledge of project management concepts and implementation nation in Primavera p6 effectively, and capable of planning, monitoring, and controlling projects. 

The prerequisite is that you have mastered the basics of project management from Primavera P6 version 8.3.

The duration of the course with CEM Solution is 5 hours, and if you have finished the training, you will get an official certificate.

Primavera Scheduling

Primavera Scheduling Training

Here, you can also find training for all versions of Primavera, from the Primavera P6 Professional, Primavera P6 EPPM, and the Primavera Contractor.

Requirements for this training are good computational skills and an understanding of Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling. 

You don’t need to use other software either, because here Educba uses GoToMeeting and GoToTraining software.

One class is also limited to only six students unless there is a request for training for large groups.

Prescience Technology

Prescience Primavera Training

Prescience Technology is also one of the companies opening Oracle consulting services in Australia.

The company provides eight types of virtual training, ranging from Primavera EPPM P6 versions 15.2 and 8.2 on Professional Fundamentals, Intermediate Professional, and Advanced Professional; Primavera EPPM P6 R8.4 on – Professional Basics; and Primavera EPPM P6 R8.2 concerning Administrators.

Before you enter training, you must first have some knowledge of the process and general project management principles. Thus you can easily follow the Primavera basics training course, intermediate training, until entering the advanced stage.


Tekslate Training

Next up is TekSlate. This company offers online training that is tutored by certified instructors in Primavera P6. The timing of this training can also be adjusted according to your busy life; in other words, the training here is very flexible. 

Also, there are self-study videos that will help you during the training, and there is a consultation room that is open for 24 hours. 

HSE Contractors

HSE Training

HSE Contractors is a company that also provides basic and advanced Primavera P6 training services related to project scheduling and management. Throughout the training period, students can follow the explanations given and do live demonstrations of each device. 

After that, students will be involved directly in projects in the real world to strengthen their abilities and knowledge. This training lasts for three months until you get a special certificate. 

P6 Academy

P6 Academy is also a company that provides courses at all levels, ranging from doing basic technical skills, advanced resource management scheduling concepts, functional techniques, portfolios, to Primavera P6 reporting using Oracle BI Publisher and Table reporting. Apart from that, they also provide certified training for the Primavera P6 EPPM.

Online Training Primavera P6

Primavera Online Training

This time it is a personal blog run by a Primavera planning and freelance engineer. In this blog, there are lots of web tutorials and training that are very helpful for Primavera P6, such as planning tutorials, organizational management structures, learning company projects, scheduling projects, free floats, financial performance analysis, and storage on Oracle Primavera P6.


Next is KnowledgeHut, which also provides Primavera P6 training services. This training will be coached directly by a certified instructor who will help you understand the details of the project structure, add activities, maintain project documents, optimize project plans, and minimize the occurrence of non-conformities. 

This training will be held for six days with an allocation of 4 hours in 1 day. You can also choose a daily class or a class on the weekend. After the training is complete, you will get a certificate of completion. 

Multisoft Systems

Multisoft Training

Multisoft Systems is one of the departments that have accredited. They offer special Primavera P6 R7.0 virtual or online-based training. 

This training was opened at the participants’ request, provided that they already know the principles of project management and understand the Windows operating system.

Pallium Skills

Palium Training

Pallium Skills, also opens Primavera P6 certified training classes for one full day, this class is opened on request, sometimes held every two months.

Project Control Online

Project Controls Training

This one is to exchange information about their technical views and opinions on using Primavera P6. This form of question and answer is carried out in a blog whose participants are members of large communities. Here you can find discussion forums that explain what problems the users are facing.

Harbun’s Notes

Next is Harbun’s note, here there is a Primavera P6 tutorial which you can access for free, such as the Primavera tutorial e-book, the Primavera P6 tutorial video, and the Primavera tutorial Youtube link. 

By doing so, you will gain knowledge of the basics of the Primavera P6. There are more than 11,400 video tutorials about the Primavera P6 on YouTube. 

So, these various videos with different tutors will provide a comprehensive and broader picture of the different features according to your needs. 


DP Tutorials Primavera

Dptutorials is one YouTube channel with a lot of Primavera P6 tutorials; with this youtube channel, you will easily learn and demonstrate various features of Primavera P6. The duration of this video is only around 10 minutes.

Primavera Reader Training

Primavera Reader provides training in the form of an e-course which will be given in the Primavera Fundamental e-course group via telegram. The costs incurred for participating in the primavera reader training material are pretty affordable.

Participants can ask questions personally through the Telegram messenger application.

Final Words

In essence, this Primavera P6 software can be a solution for those of you who are facing the challenges of developing a business project that you are currently planning. Primavera P6 can indeed confuse project managers if it is not based on serious training. 

Therefore, if you want to avoid this confusion, follow the Primavera P6 special training that has been provided by many of the training services above. 

Apart from being flexible because of the time, personal abilities can also be developed more quickly, many options can be tailored to suit your pocket, and received a special certificate at the end of the training.

Well, we present 35 online courses; we hope to help you find a place that suits your needs and knowledge skills.

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