How to Create Activity Codes in Primavera

You can add an activity code to each activity to make it easier to classify and filter activities.

To create the Activity Code, do the following:

Go to the Enterprise menu -> Activity Codes…

  • If there is a notification like an image below, click OK.
  • At the top of the Activity Codes page, there are three options Global, EPS, Project. Select Global if you want your Activity Code to be accessible at all EPS levels. Select EPS if you want the Activity Code to be accessed at a certain EPS level. Select Project if the Activity Code is only for the Project you are currently open. In this example, select Project.
  • Then click the Modify button.
  • On the Activity Code Definitions page, fill in the activity code by clicking the Add button.
  • Fill in the Activity Code as shown in the following table:
Activity Code
HC-Park Phase


  • In the example above, the activity code is based on the Phase of work and Category of work HC-Park Phase and HC-Park WOCT. This field can be adjusted according to the Project data you are using. For larger projects, you can define activity codes for Area, Location (more detailed area), etc.
  • When finished, click the Close button.
  • Now, you have two activities codes that you can enter the Code Value. Fill in each activity code with Code Value as shown in the following table:

Table 1: HC-Park Phase

Code ValueDescription
KDKey Date
DSGDesign and Engineering

Tabel 2: HC-Park WOCT

Code ValueDescriptionParent Code Value
TDSGTechnical Design 
CVLCivil and Structural 
  EXTExterior FinishesARC
    DWDoors and WindowsEXT
  INTInterior FinishesARC
    PLLPlumbing and Lighting FixturesINT
    FLFloor and CarpetingINT
MEPMechanical / Electrical / Plumbing 
  PLEPlumbing and ElectricalMEP
  • To fill in the data as shown in Table 1, on the Activity Codes page, select HC-Park Phase, click the Add button. After that, fill it with the data that has been defined as in table 1 above.
  • The results are as below:

Next, add the activity code to each activity. To add activity code, do the following:

  • To make it easier, add HC-Park Phase and HC-Park WOCT columns in the activity column.
  • Add the activities codes as shown in the following table:
Activity IDActivity NameHC-Park PhaseHC-Park WOCT
HP1000Design Building AdditionDSGTDSG
HP1010Start Office Building Addition ProjectKDGEN
HP1030Review and Approve DesignsDSGTDSG
HP1050Assemble Technical Data for Heat PumpDSGTDSG
HP1160Review Technical Data on Heat PumpsDSGTDSG
HP1090Begin Building ConstructionCONCVL.FO
HP1100Site PreparationCONCVL.FO
HP1320Install Underground Water LinesCONCVL.FO
HP1330Install Underground Electric ConduitCONCVL.FO
HP1340Form/Pour Concrete FootingsCONCVL.FO
HP1350Concrete Foundation WallsCONCVL.FO
HP1360Form and Pour SlabCONCVL.FO
HP1370Backfill and Compact WallsCONCVL.FO
HP1380Foundation Phase CompleteCONCVL.FO
HP1390Erect Structural FrameCONCVL.STR
HP1410Begin Structural PhaseCONCVL.STR
HP1420Floor DeckingCONCVL.STR
HP1430Concrete First FloorCONCVL.STR
HP1460Erect Stairwell and Elevator WallsCONCVL.STR
HP1470Concrete Basement SlabCONCVL.STR
HP1480Concrete Second FloorCONCVL.STR
HP1540Structure CompleteCONCVL.STR
HP1490Rough-In Phase BeginsCONMEP
HP1690Rough In CompleteCONMEP
HP1520Install Elevator Rails and EquipmentCONMEP.ELV
HP1710Install Elevator Cab and FinishesCONMEP.ELV
HP1190Prepare and Solicit Bids for Heat PumpCONMEP.HVAC
HP1240Review Bids for Heat PumpCONMEP.HVAC
HP1270Award Contract for Heat PumpCONMEP.HVAC
HP1290Fabricate and Deliver Heat Pump and ControlsCONMEP.HVAC
HP1630Insulate DuctsCONMEP.HVAC
HP1650Set Heat PumpCONMEP.HVAC
HP1670Relocate HVAC ChillerCONMEP.HVAC
HP1680Startup and Test HVACCONMEP.HVAC
HP1770Install AC Grills and RegistersCONMEP.HVAC
HP1830Test and Balance HVAC EquipmentCONMEP.HVAC
HP1440Set Mechanical and Electrical EquipmentCONMEP.PLE
HP1510Rough-In Plumbing/PipingCONMEP.PLE
HP1640Install Wiring and CableCONMEP.PLE
HP1660Connect EquipmentCONMEP.PLE
HP1590Close-In Phase BeginsCONARC.EXT
HP1620Building EnclosedCONARC.EXT
HP1040Assemble Brick SamplesCONARC.EXT.BRC
HP1070Review and Approve Brick SamplesCONARC.EXT.BRC
HP1180Prepare and Solicit Bids for Brick ExteriorCONARC.EXT.BRC
HP1220Review Bids for BrickCONARC.EXT.BRC
HP1260Award Contract for BrickCONARC.EXT.BRC
HP1280Deliver BrickCONARC.EXT.BRC
HP1550Brick Exterior WallsCONARC.EXT.BRC
HP1600Insulation and Built-up RoofingCONARC.EXT.RF
HP1560Install Door and Window FramesCONARC.EXT.DW
HP1580Install Exterior Doors and WindowsCONARC.EXT.DW
HP1700Drywall in OfficesCONARC.INT
HP1820Touch-up and Clean-upCONARC.INT
HP1840Finishes CompleteCONARC.INT
HP1850Punch ListCONARC.INT
HP1860Building Addition CompleteKDGEN
HP1760Install Lighting FixturesCONARC.INT.PLL
HP1810Install Plumbing FixturesCONARC.INT.PLL
HP1060Assemble and Submit Flooring SamplesCONARC.INT.FL
HP1080Review and Approve FlooringCONARC.INT.FL
HP1170Prepare and Solicit Bids for FlooringCONARC.INT.FL
HP1250Review Bids for FlooringCONARC.INT.FL
HP1300Award Contract for FlooringCONARC.INT.FL
HP1310Fabricate and Deliver FlooringCONARC.INT.FL
HP1790Install Floor and CarpetingCONARC.INT.FL
HP1740Install Ceiling GridCONARC.INT.CR
HP1800Finish Carpentry and MillworkCONARC.INT.CR
HP1720Paint Building InteriorCONARC.INT.PT
  • To add the Activities Codes as shown in the table above, click on the HC-Park Phase column.
  • Select the appropriate value listed in the table.
  • Continue also in the HC-Park WOCT column.
  • Complete according to the activities data table above.
  • Some of the results are as follows:

Next, you can create Grouping according to the Activities Codes that you have defined and add to the activities.

Currently, in the table above, the Grouping used is still based on WBS. To create a group based on the activity code that has been created, do the following:

  • Right-click on the activity table header, select the Group and Short… menu
  • Create a Grouping like in the image below:
  • When finished, click the OK button.
  • The results are as follows (the classification is adjusted according to the activity code):

Also, read how to add activities in Primavera.

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